Shipping Policy

Here are few reminders and list of guides regarding the shipment of items. Should you have further questions and inquiries, please reach us at

  1. We offer free shipping for orders over 500 USD. However, we will ask for a 25 USD shipping charge for orders below that amount. 
  2. Most of our goods and products are shipped through DHL Express as it provides the fastest shipping time and provides a tracking number. Goods often arrive in 2-6 days. In countries like Brazil and Russia, we only prefer EMS Delivery due to complicated processing in the local customs clearance. 
  3. Please allow us two working days to process your order upon receiving your payment. Also, we will inform you when a particular product runs out of stock and will give you the nearest date of our restocking. 
  4. Please confirm your address after posting your payment through Paypal or your credit card. It ensures we send the product to the correct address and avoids further problems. 
  5. Shipping time is provided by the courier and may exclude weekends and holidays. 
  6. Please inform us if you want to lower the product value in the shipping invoice in the order slip to avoid additional customs duties on your side. If it’s not a concern, we will use the actual amount as paid. 
  7. Please assist the courier once they’ve reached customs to ease the release of clearance and movement of goods if it is required. 
  8. Check the items in the DHL courier facility or when they are delivered to your address. Please double-check if there are any damages, breakages, leaks, or packaging problems. If there are any problems, please take photos or videos as evidence and email them to us. 
  9. Please reach us immediately if you have yet to receive the goods within 15 days of posting your payment. We will help you with tracking the item and fastening the movement from the logistics partner. 
  10. Please do not remove the product codes, as they may void the warranty. 
  11. We will provide one year warranty for our primary products. However, some products may be subject to some terms and policies. 
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