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LED Video Processor

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XIXUN E10 LED Android Control Card Product Overview:

With the growth of the outdoor digital media market, LED display has its larger proportion on the market with its unique advantages. Many advertisers and media companies are eager to have a perfect outdoor digital LED system solutions. Our E10 not only has 3G, WIFI, but also has GPS that can position terminal orbit position. For advertisement fixed point. What’s more, it also support AP function, it provide convenience for LED display access to wisdom city and for the third part access to AP. The stability of WEB cloud platform, to achieve display group control, video
monitoring, condition monitoring, report statistics and other powerful features. 1-4 Characteristic WIFI, 3G, GPS highly integrated; Onboard power supply, temperature and humidity, cabinet, smoke, fan etc. LED advertising machine and Car LED display professional custom; No need to
install any software; Cloud platform group control; Android mobile phone APP hook up control card hotspot, stand-alone mode control.

XIXUN E10 LED Android Control Card Product Functional Characteristic:

1) WIFI, 3G, GPS onboard, realized wireless communication;
2) 4GB EMMC storage onboard, 8GB internal memory;
3) Android OS 4.4;
4) Support WIFI/WIFI AP Mode;
5) Access to cloud platform, realize remote release program, remote condition monitoring, remote power management, remote plat log statistics;
6) Support multi screen synchronous play;
7) Support multiple media types, e.g. video, picture, text, weather, clock, count down, real-time
message, html code;
8) Support instant notification, timing program task;
9) Timing switch, brightness adjustment;
10) Support terminal group, software and hardware remote upgrade;
11) Can work with 256×256 pixels, after cascading 540×960 pixels;
12) Comprehensive driver IC chip support, support MACROBLOCK, CHIPONE, SUMACRO, MY-SEMI;
13) Support cascading, master card and receive card display effect is completely unified;
14) Support full-color static to 32 scan, support half, one-third, quarter free connection mode;
15) Grey level 65536;
16) High refresh and high brightness;
17) Support each cabinet monitor(onboard temperature, humidity, door, smoke, fan, multiplex
voltage detection);
18) Support brightness sensing, automatic brightness adjustment;
19) Strong secondary development SDK, protocol transparency, development of simple and
20) Support TF expand to 32G;
21) Support transient outage protection, guarantee the normal operation of power outage within 6


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