VDWall LVP615S

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LED Video Processor

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VDWall LVP615S is a classical and large sales volume LED video processor for rental LED display applications. It has an excellent function with a powerful capacity to control 2.6 million LED screen pixels(Working with one MSD600 LED sending card).

VDWALL LVP615S Wireless LED Video Processor Features:
1. Convenient operation by panel / PC software / infrared remote control / Wi-Fi;
2. DVI loop to install multi-unit in parallel to drive indefinite LED lattice, Frame synchronous technology, no miss alignment or delay Between two adjacent image output;
3. User defines DV3 EDID to realize pixel-to-pixel display;
4. User define output format reach maximal horizontal width of 3840 or vertical height of 1920;
5. AIAO(Any In Any Out) function allows for displaying any capturing picture in a specific area on the screen;
6. 3 custom PIPI P6P display modes to switch 6y one button-Any PIP I PBP display;
7. Seamless switching, Fade-in r Fade-out & Blend switching in different input signals
8. New generation Faroudja® Real Color® professional LED video processor. 10 + Bit Faroudja® DCDI Cinema Processing and Faroudja ®.TureLife Video Enhancer
9. Two signal switching ways’. one button to switch and pre take +Take switching.


VDWall LVP615S LED Video Processor Specification

VDWall LVP615S LED Video Processor User Manual


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