P3.91 Indoor LED Display Module H

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LED Display Module

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P3.91 Indoor Fixed LED DISPLAY MODULE Introduce:

  • P3.91 Indoor Fixed LED DISPLAY MODULE IC is equipped with CHIPONE(a famous LED company) ICN2028, with high refresh, high gray features, clear picture and bright colors
  • Its lamp is KN-LIGHT, the surface heat dissipation is good, two-story design for PCB, its conductivity is better than single layer.
  • P3.91 Indoor Fixed LED DISPLAY MODULE can be used for outdoor rental Cabinet, and can also be used for outdoor fixed installation LED Cabinet.
  • Fuji led SMT production lines, the daily production capacity is around 2500pcs, and a month is about 80,000pcs.
  • The module starts the first aging lighting test just coming out of the production line, and it makes three aging procedures till packaged for a week, to ensure high quality.
  • Modules can be connected easily through the power interface and data interface (pin-type).

modules get the power, enable cable connected with the LED receiving card, meanwhile connecting with the LED send box or LED sending card, then module will be lighted up. (Attention please: the module won’t be lighted up if LED receiving card has not been set up the RCG file. Please kindly watch the video about how to set up the RCG file.)

You are welcome to visit our Yotube website, if you want to know more methods about how to set LED module.Or email is also okay (, we would arrange professional engineers for your service as soon as possible.

P3.91 Indoor Fixed LED Display Module Parameters:

Pixel pitch(mm) 3.91
Module size(mm) 250(W)×250(H)
Module resolution(W×H) 64×64
Pixel density(dots/m2) 65536
Module weight(kg) 0.5
White Balance Brightness(nits) ≥2000(adjustable)
Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical) 140/140
Contrast 125.0006944
Peak power consumption (W / m2) 780 W/m2
Average power consumption (W / m2) 450 W/m2
Frame Rate 60Hz
Color Temperature 5000-9300 adjustable
Power supply requirements AC110/AC 220V 10% 47~63Hz
Drive mode Constant driving current
Refresh rate (Hz) 1200
Number of color processing bits 16bit
Operating temperature / humidity range (℃?/ RH) -20~– +40 / 0-95%
Storage temperature -40~–+80


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