VDWall 86XX LED Display Video Processor

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LED Video Processor

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LED Display Video Processor VDWall LVP86XX Features:

1. The latest generation broadcast-grade video processing technology mixed sync mosaic / mixed video switcher / multi-windows processor and video sync processor.
2.Inputs:HD+SD,Analog+Digital.Up to 28 input channels including 7*CVBS,7*VGA,7*DVI/HDMI,7*SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI
3. Outputs:Up to 16 channels digital full HD DVI outputs.Each port can reach resolution 1920*1080_60Hz
4. Sync mosaic technology realize sync processing horizontal and vertical of ultra HD moving video played through
multi-screen graphics cards or network player.
5. Supports zoom mosaic,pixel-to-pixel sync mosaic,Single unit maximally supports horzontal 30720 pixels or vertical
17280 pixels.
6. Up to 10 monitoring image HD output.
7.4K2K ultra HD dynamic background picture + any three cross-screen roaming display
8. Seamless switching adn fade in fade out switching between any two input signals
9. Call a variety of pre-save modes and seamless switching or fade-in fade-out switching.
specifications.jpg” alt=”LVP86XX VIDEO processor vdwall specifications” width=”992″ height=”384″ />VDWALL LVP86xx Connection diagram:

VDWALL LVP86xx LED Display Video Processor Connection Show


LED Display Video Processor LVP86XX Parameters:

LVP86XX VIDEO processor vdwall specifications

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