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LED Receiving Card

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Linsn RV901T LED Display Receiving Card Introduce:
Linsn RV901T Receiving card, updation of RV9 and RV801, replace RV801 Receiving card
RV901 is full-color receiver, receiving signals from sending card, then fed to the LED display, can control real pixel, virtual pixel, full-color, double color and single color display, can work together with PC or Video processor live show.
1. using 18 signal processors, maximum support RGB each 18 (260,000) gray
2. HDMI supports 12-bit color input (nine generations need to send cards with
3. support program to copy
4. supports single-card color space conversion
5. single card maximum support 1024X256 pixels, 1,024 single-point color correction
6. supports readback configuration file
7. support pixel fault detection (to be supported by a dedicated chip
8. hot backup support dual receiver card for demanding performances Scree
9. Support for cable fault detection
10. support network cable BERT
11. Two fan speed monitoring
12. Support for cabinet door switch monitoring
13. temperature monitoring
14. three-way voltage monitor, all the way for the system, two external power supply box
15. Smoke Monitor (sold separately smoke module)
16. Humidity Monitor (sold separately humidity sensor)
17. CE-EMC standards in line with EU


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