Magnimage LED-570E

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LED Display Module

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LED-570E LED Video Processor Features:
LED VIDEO PROCESSOR .The product has the function of 4 k input and output, high resolution, can make image function, supports secondary development series port, brightness control accurately, support USB upgrade, the host control and switch can also preview, frozen image, save and load model, 1 consumption port (SDI), DVI, VGA or space, create the unique function.

LED-570E LED Video Processor Parameters:
◆ 4K input/output

◆ Fade in/fade out

◆ Customize input/output resolution within 4K

◆ Image crop function

◆ Single device mosaic,dual link DVI output

◆ Customized output depth-width ratio

◆ DP loop or output

◆ Time task function

◆ Standardized 6 input

◆ Text overlay

◆ 1 expending port space(DVI or VGA or SDI)

◆ Built-in test graphic cards

◆ Dual image

◆ Multiple machine splicing

◆ Modify size and position arbitrarily

◆ Hot backup

◆ Freeze image

◆ Support host machine control

◆ Save and load mode

◆ Preview switch

◆ Image effect enhancement

◆ Support USB upgrade

◆ Accurate brightness control

◆ Support series port secondary development


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