Huidu D10

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LED Sending Card

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Huidu D10 video screen controller features:

Huidu D10 video screen controller(384*64 HUB75) plays an important role in high-performance strip video screen controllers because of its special excellence. Now let’s see what excellence it has.

Do the best effect of strip full-color display controller
Focus on video, and animation, compared to the traditional text control cards, the effect is even more dazzling;
It is a unique strip screen control card in the industry to use A8 CPU+FPGA architectures, much stronger than the single MCU program performance;
Compared with a “fake dual-mode card” which applies the synchronous receiving card to do memory recording,our D10 / D20 / D30 has a separate processor, memory longer, and support import program by U disk;
Unique video capture function, video without anamorphoses.


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