Huidu U63

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LED Sending Card

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HD-U63 Huidu U Disk LED Controller Features:
User-friendly design
Changeable width and height pixels can be arbitrary switching;
Support a variety of interfaces, support Smart settings;
Different price levels, different control ranges, and flexible choices.
Software is simple, controllable

No need for IP settings, the software interface is simple and easy to operate;
Support lock screen parameters;
Support the guide to creating a screen.
U disk can modify the content
Support 7-color display, the new upgraded sixth generation card, support gradation, and regional overlap;
Support temperature, humidity, brightness, remote control, etc.(U6A not support), the remote control support to select 1-9999 program to play;
U disk can support modifying content, modifying screen parameters and timing, and three files are separated one;
Support a variety of commonly used scanning.
Support real-time preview, partitions can overlap
U disk can also support common Smart settings;
Support time, including timed cycle;
Support partitioned background;
It may support up to 32 gray levels;
Support real-time Partition (secondary development).


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