Dbstar HRV13S

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LED Receiving Card

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DBStar DBS-HRV13S LED Display Receiving Card Introduce:

DBS-HRV13S is an upgrading product of HRV11S/HRV12S, and totally compatible with them
1. A more reliable power supply plan can be protected with a protective plate of 74HC245;

2. Wide power supply voltage input: 3.6 ~ 12V;

3. Single card has the maximum support of 256 X 256 pixels with 16 chromaticity corrections or 512 X 512 pixels.

4. Adjust the parameters to load quickly and save the start time of the display.

5. Support the replication of the same type of receiving card;

6. Support firmware version back reading and configuration file, parameter file back to read;

7. Double backup design, ensure reliable online firmware upgrade;

8. Support 3 types (3pin / 5pin / 6pin) button/signal indicator socket;

9. Support receiving card level voltage and temperature monitoring;

10. Spread spectrum technology helps the display to reduce EMI and get a better EMC.


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