Colorlight i5A-F LED Receiving Card

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LED Receiving Card

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Colorlight i5A-F LED Receiving Card LED Dual-mode Card Features:

• Colorlight i5A-F is a dual-mode card that makes both synchronous and asynchronous systems available and the two modes can be seamlessly switched.
• i5A-F helps to greatly improve the display effect, higher refresh rate, color input , it helps to realize more dedicate image and more stable screen.
• Support brightness and chromaticity calibration
• Support normal chip, PWM, lighting chip
• Support any scan mode from static to 1/32 scan
• Support various freeform display, spherical display, diamond display, creative display, etc.
• Support signal output for 16 groups of RGBR’ and 20 groups of RGB, 32 groups as extended
• Wide working voltage range with DC3.3 – 6V
• Compatible with iT7, iQ7, iQ7E,gigabit NIC, etc.

Colorlight LED Receiving Card I5A-F Dual-mode Card Handware show:

Colorlight Dual-mode LED receiving card

Colorlight LED Receiving Card I5A-F LED Dual-mode Card

10 External interfaces For Indicate lamp and test button
1 Power 1 Connect DC5V power supply for the receiver card Only one is used
2 Power 2 Connect DC5V power supply for the receiver card
3 Indicate lamp Indicate power and signal transmission status red for power,green for signal
4 Network port A RJ45,For transmitting data signals The dual network ports can achieve import/export at random, which can be identified in an intelligent way by the system.
5 Network port B RJ45,For transmitting data signals
6 monitoring interface Connect to the monitoring expansion board
7 LCD interface Connect to the LCD display
8 Dual 50P pins Connected to all display HUB boards
9 Test button The attached test procedures can achieve four kinds of monochrome display (red, green, blue and white), as well as horizontal, vertical and other display scan modes.


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