Colorlight C3 LED Display Controller

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ColorLight C3 LED Display Controller Features:

  • Ø Big LED screen display without computer, much more convenient and cost-efficient;
  • Ø Maximum loading capacity with 655360pixels;
  • Ø Up to 4096 pixels in width or 1536 pixels in height for text-image;
  • Ø Up to 1920 pixels in width or 1080 pixels in height for video;
  • Ø 8G memory, maximum support external 32GB storage.
  • Ø Perfect in handling details with amazing visual effect and experience.
  • Ø Extendable with WiFi and audio module through USB interface.
  • Ø Built-in with LINUX embedded operation system, immune from virus attacks.
  • Ø Made from industrial components, quality assured.
  • Ø Watchdog reset.
  • Ø U disc plug-and-play.
  • Ø Support high speed configuration through USB cable.
  • Ø Support management on the smart terminals like PC, Android and iPhone, etc.
  • Ø To edit contents through LEDVISION, user-friendly software.
  • Ø Multiple play windows and file windows, of which size and location can be freely set.
  • Ø Multiple content formats such as video, image, text, clock etc.


ColorLight C3 LED Display Controller Parameters:

Basic Parameters
Core Chips 1.4GHz quad-core CPU
Quad-core GPU
1GB@1066MHz DDR3 high speed memory
1080P HD Hardware decoding
Memory 8GB (Among which 2.5GB has been taken by the system), external U disc supported
Loading Capacity Maximum support 655360 pixels @1920*1080 for video and @4096*1080 for text-image
Receiving Card Supported All Colorlight receiving cards
USB Ports USB2.0*2, support external storage (U disc or SD card, 32GB in maximum) or communication equipment
Ethernet Output Output signal to receiving cards
DC Power Supply Standard 5V input
Physical Parameters
Dimension 128.5*103.6*28.3mm
Working Voltage DC 5V
A/C Adapter AC 100~240V  50Hz
Power Consumption 10W
Weight 0.23kg
Operational Temperature -40℃~85℃
Environmental Humidity 0-95% without condensation
File Formats Supported
Window Split Flexible screen split, play windows overlapping, multiple content play windows
Video Formats AVI, WMV, MPG, RM/RMVB, MOV, DAT, VOB, MP4, FLV, etc. Support multiple videos play at the same time.
Audio Formats MPEG-1 Layer III,AAC, etc
Image Formats Bmp, jpg, png, etc.
Text Formats Txt, rtf, word, ppt, excel, etc
Text Display Single Line Text, Static Text and Multi-Line text
Play Window 4 Video windows, multiple text/picture windows, scrolling text, LOGO, Date/Time/Week. Flexible screen split, different contents in each window
OSD supported Support 32bit OSD, support video/text/picture mixture or overlap, and available for fully transparent, opaque, translucent effects.
RTC Real-time Clock Display and Management supported
Terminal Management & Control
System Stand-alone (Extendable with corresponding modules for wireless control)
Content Update U disc plug-and-play
Management Devices PC, Android, iOS smart terminals
Wireless Control Real-time brightness adjustment; Screen switch on/off display; System parameters configuration; Play control; Content upload;
Timing Switch on/off Set through LEDVISION
Software LEDVISION 4.12/higher version


Interface Specifications:





Ethernet Output

RJ45, signal output Ethernet, for connecting with receiving Cards


Config Port

Set screen parameter, content transmission in high speed, screen info read back



For Content Updating through U disc, external WiFi/audio module


Indicator Light

Green: data condition;
Red: power;


Power Supply Port

DC 5V/2A

Weight 1 kg


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