Xixun K20 Asynchronous 3G LED Control Card

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LED Sending Card

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Asynchronous 3G LED Control card Xixun K20 Cascade LED sender has following features:

  • Video hardware decoding, smoothly video display with good view;
  • Supports 12 Bit (4096 gray scale )gray scale for red, green and blue color;
  • support maximum pixels 2400×128;
  • Synchronized multiple led screen to show same program, one sending card can control multiple led screen, to realize sync-display for each led screen;
  • Support to read back the setting files, like hcp4 and cas files;
  • Smart connection, means can exchange the receiving cards without doing cascading settings again, card will intelligent recognize its display zone;
  • K-series cards supports scan types within 16 bit including 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 scan types;
  • Support PWM driver IC, like MBI 5041 to make better view;
  • One sending card can connect one hub so that could save one receiving card;
  • Fixed dimension, easy to install and exchange;
  • Surpass traditional concept, no DIP switch design, all through computer to do settings;
  • Supports to updating receiving card firmware online without removing it from led display.\


Asynchronous 3G Control card K20 XIXUN Cascade LED sender Parameters:

mode K20(sending card)
Maximum pixels 640×480
Hub Standard hub, one sending card connects one hub, receiving card
connects one hub
Display type Full color
Onboard Flash 500MB
Gray level 65536
LED module type Support random scan type within 16 bit scan types
Communication ports Ethernet/serial port/USB ports
Communication types Local Area Network/Internet/3G/GPRS/WIFI
Audio USB sound card optional
Special Driver IC Support MBI5041
Schedule on time Support
Video formats AVI,WMV,MPG,MOV,DAT,VOB,MP4,FLV and so on
Animation formats Support GIF,SWF and so on
Image formats Support bmp,jpg,gif,wmf,ico and so on
Text formats Support txt,rtf
Text type Single line, static text and multi-line text
Table Support to editing table
Date and Time Support Analog clock and Digital clock
Timing Support countdown and Timing
Sensor Support temperature, humidity, auto-adjust brightness, Infrared remote to change programs
Storage port Support to expanding storage via USB
Software LedEditor_V10/LedSet2.0
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