LEDonlinesale offers a wide range of Meanwell power supply for LED screens. Large quantity on stock at a cheap price. The popular models are LSP-160-4.2T, LRS-200-5CCG, LRS-350-5CCG, RSP-320-5CCG, UHP-200A-5, UHP-200-5, UHP-350-5, HSP-200-4.2/5, HSP-300-4.2/5.

The high-quality power supply is widely used for outdoor and indoor fixed LED displays, rental LED displays, transparent LED displays, flexible LED displays, etc. It has great options for power input 110VAC, 220AC, 110-240AC, and many more.

MEANWELL is a leading switching power supply manufacturer with products like AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, and battery chargers. The products are widely used in automation, communication, medical, moving sign, and office automation fields.

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