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Frequently Asked Question!

Our company was founded in 2004. Since then, we have started manufacturing single-color and dual-color LED displays and begun full-color LED displays.

Now we have 19 years of LED display manufacturing and projecting experience.

Our standard LED display manufacturing time is 15-20 working days, including 72 hours of the aging test in the workshop.

For particular hot sale LED displays, we might have in stock. Please contact your sales engineer in our company checks if it is possible to have a quicker delivery time.

We have creative LED display screens. For example, flexible LED screens, LED balls, taxi LED displays, etc.

As China leading LED display manufacturer, we offer you multiple LED display products and solutions. Our wide range of LED displays includes outdoor LED screens, indoor LED screens, HD LED screens, rental LED displays, stage LED screens, church LED screens, stadium LED screens, and many more. They also can be tailored to your needs.

We can customize LED displays for each of your projects.

We are glad to offer you a unique LED screen pixel pitch (resolution), size, and shape (flat, curved, round) based on your specific requirements.

Surely. We have a user manual and some videos to show you how to do LED screen installation.

By far, our branch officers in Germany, Hungary, and Peru, and the installation team in Nigeria can offer installation services for you.

If needed, our experienced engineers can come to you for an on-site installation guide.

We are seeking qualified partners to be our agents or distributors locally. Contact your sales engineer for further details.

We have set up branch offices in Germany, Hungary, and Peru and distributing partners in America, Italy, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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